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I graduated from the Academy of Art University SF in 2004 with a film degree. Learned about story-based marketing and design to help agencies, businesses – blah blah blah...

... who cares.

How can I make your life better? Now that's possibly worth reading.


The truth is, I feel your pain. And I want local service businesses to get in on local visibility.


"How will you get my business on Google's first page?!" – John

"I don't know if you can help me", says client.

John's first words came out a bit harsh. 

I said, "what if I can?" ... with as much authority as a five year old.

"I've been burnt by so-called SEO experts"

I understood what John was feeling.

For many years I resisted offering this important service because it seemed so unpredictable and shady.

3-another pivot@3x.png
Yet another pivot?

Yet, I can't deny the market.

I already pivoted 3 times in the past 3 years.

Lots of Peets coffee and Calm app meditation and Santori whisky from time to time. You judging me?

I run out of whisky and my Calm app trial ends

I replay the client ​conversation one more time, but this time it morphs into an anthem and a driving force of focus.

"How will I give my client local visibility?"

Yep, another pivot!

This time for reals. And for the best.

Sign up to the Calm app and drop the whisky

I dive into a rabbit hole, events come together, doors appear, I open them.




Somehow everything lines up to...

Storypages for local domination!

I get a coach and delve into Local SEO. 


I also land a Local SEO expert and one awesome lead designer, Jonathan.

Local SEO is the answer!

I found that local SEO is much different from regular SEO. Local businesses really want customer activity by serving their service area. 

I call back John

"I can help you by giving you local visibility...


... Here's how we get you on Google's Business Profile and Local Pack –all on the first page... "

paper_plane anim.gif
The Answer

I get you on the first page of Google by focusing locally.

We use Google's ranking factors for local visibility and offer those services. That will get you customer activity!

- Alberto Silva, Founder / Local Strategist

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