On a mission to connect humanity through design experiences

I graduated from the Academy of Art University SF in 2004 with a film degree. Learned about storytelling and integrated it with visual communications for agencies, startups, as a solopreneur, blah blah blah...

... who cares.

How can I make your life better? Now that's possibly worth reading.


The truth is, I almost walked away from design forever. Twice!


Here's my story...


Financial services? 🧐

Web design started to look like a commodity. I pivoted into financial insurance services. Lic# 0M57516.


Found out quickly I loved taking old school prospecting into tech, design and digital marketing. Reverted back to design and marketing. 1.5 years passed.


Damn, all that work, and little to show for it! I've seen the floor.

This part of the story ends here...

I'll summarize the rest below. (You can stop here if you'd like).😉

"How will you make my life better?!" 🤷🏽‍♂️

Covid happens...


"We have to drop the project", says client.

March 19th, stay at home orders. I was on the phone with my biggest client. I was 90% done with the website redesign.

I said, "we're this close, lets see this thing through maan!"


Client says, "How will that help Jim and his family who I just laid off?"

Tone deaf. Me. 

The truth is, at some point, I became a commodity.

3-another pivot@3x.png

Another pivot?

I had monkey mind, on a loop set to random.

"Just get a job". Oh, wait... Covid.

Lots of Peets coffee and Calm app meditation and Santori whisky from time to time. You judging me?


I run out of whisky and my Calm app trial ends

I replay the client ​conversation one more time, but this time it morphs into an anthem and a driving force of focus.

"How will you make my life better?"


Yes, another pivot!

This time for reals. And for the best.


Sign up to the Calm app and drop the whisky

I dive into a rabbit hole, events come together, doors appear, I open them.




Somehow everything lines up to...


Storypages, the agency that makes your life better!

I meet and form partnerships with prolific cutting edge software developers and founders.


I also form a remote team of website builders and illustrators led by my creative direction and humility.


Clarity, going modern and interactive is the answer

We believe small businesses should have a professional online presence for online transactions in the new economy.


Wix agency partnership

Like a superfriends union, we connect. As a 10 year Wix builder it was a natural fit. I plant my flag!

paper_plane anim.gif

The answer

I make your life better by helping you pivot and reopen in this new environment. One that values authenticity and connection more than ever. So your websites will build trust and credibility so you can make sales. 

And travel the world (or whatever freedom means).

- Alberto Silva, Founder/Creative Director