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website as a service

A pricing model that fits your cash flow 

a Pro website with on-going support you can finally afford.

Monthly investment covers...


Initial full website design & hosting.

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Ongoing design updates.

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On-going support.

the problem

Website as a product does not fit everyone. Where do you land?

Imagine you shell out the full amount for the completed website, depleting your precious operating capital. Then you have to make quick decisions at hand-off. Is it really ready? And finally, you're offered a high monthly maintenance package.

Which can lead to...


Another DIY project, uh!

Struggle with the site editor, then feel insecure once it's launched.


Another DIY, uh!


No safety net!

Wipe out your fiercely guarded operating capital.

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Take on risk

You may spend thousands and not be happy. Then with reflection that comes with time, you need more changes.

website as a service model

You may think websites are too expensive...

I get it

Hey 👋🏼  I'm Al, the founder of Storypages.

I've had many conversations with "solopreneurs", coaches, professionals, founders and eCommerce sellers in the past few months. Often I hear a mix of these words...


"That's way more than I had in mind" {😮 }


 Often you've wished for a middle-ground, "Is there something in between free Wix support and agency rate support."

I'd like to fill that gap.

I understand how it feels to not have that lump sum of money to invest in professional services which forces you to do it yourself. Then we play the comparison game with the competition that's further along.

Getting a great response

That's why we've recently launched this Website as a Service (WaaS) model and have helped small businesses develop Storypages websites made for online transactions. 

With a predictable monthly cost.

Now we hear a mix of...

"I'm interested, tell me more!" { 🤯  }


Writing the WaaS plan in my backyard in Berkeley.


WaaS Storypages Model

Everything you need wrapped up in a manageable monthly plan

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No contract

You're unlocked with buyout options just in case.

term fin@3x.png

or Term financing

Option to finance for 24 - 36 months via our partner, Affirm.

smaller invest@3x.png

Smaller initial investment

Instead of paying $2k - $6k, you pay as little  $197 per month.

initial site@3x.png

Full business website

Fully functional modern online presence within 2 months. Ready for online transactions.

design never depr@3x.png

Design never depreciates

We'll tweak and optimize to improve conversions. A site that never ages.

ongoing support@3x.png

Ongoing support

Do you need to make adjustments in your online ops and offering?

landing pgs@3x.png

Landing pages

Design sales pages to promote a product or service. It's where your leads land coming from marketing campaigns.

Fully hosted@3x.png

Fully hosted

Hosted with Premium Business Unlimited Plan and SSL security.

tech support@3x.png

Tech support

Is something broken? Need to figure out something? We got you.

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Your WaaS in 3 easy steps

Getting started with us is cake


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See if your situation qualifies with online form


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Book discovery call and pick WaaS option



We design your site with on-going partnership

Get your website for $197 in a 15 minute call

You shouldn't have to feel that professional website design is outside your budget. We respect where every business is in their path to success. We'd like to meet you where you're at.

no contract

Cancel any time

Buyout options:

✅  During Year 1 - $1,750


✅  During Year 2 - $1,000

✅  During Year 3+ - $750 (Stays at $750 from there) 

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What kind of website do I get?