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Your website should be a sales machine

Storypages creates sites with expert clarity and design to make more sales on autopilot during this pandemic. πŸ™‚β€‹

"Consumers unable or reluctant to visit retail stores during the pandemic are embracing online purchases"

– The CMO Survey


The Number 1 Thing That Will Hurt Your Sales



It's inevitable. Companies will make communication and design noise that will confuse their buyers. Which will result in...


β€’ Missed opportunities in this unique window of time


β€’ Time wasted and lost sales with a poor website


β€’ Inadvertently losing trust and credibility

As seen on

Turn your website into a

revenue-generating machine in





To get attention


Save thousands of dollars with all-in-one professional copywriting with the site design.

Go Modern

To gain trust


Reduce design risk with 3 modern styles that'll earn you instant credibility.

Get Interactive

To hold attention


Simplify life with automation that also engages your buyer to do business with you.

Step 1

Clarify your message

Get on a discovery call!

We'll guide you through simple relevant messages structured on your site, so that you're speaking to your buyers wants and pains.


Have your entire brand message in one page you can use for all your marketing!


Hover over and engage πŸ˜‰

Go Modern!

Illustration, VideoStory, Product ISO

You have a choice of THREE curated design styles: Illustration, VideoStory, Product Shot.



Immediately gain trust and credibility. Engaged visitors will spend more time on your site to receive your message. Reduces bounce rate up to 50%


How it works

Examples in action

The consequences of not doing this

"94% of people don't trust outdated websites" by MyTechnology. You may not gain the trust to convert leads on your site.

Step 2

Choose a modern theme!

Gain trust with modern design

Impress your visitors while building trust and credibility with curated website styles:


β€’ Custom illustrations


β€’ VideoStory


β€’ The Product Shot

Step 3

Engage with Interactive experiences

Choose apps outside the Wix Marketplace!

Whether you’re closed for the day, traveling the world, or busy on a project - imagine what your life will be like when you connect with your visitors, book appointments, and make sales β€” all with tireless automation.

Bot Automator

Chatbot / Livechat

β€’ Program and install the bot on your site

β€’ Chatbot can switch to Live chat

β€’ Choose from 7 recipes (bot templates)

β€’ Includes monthly service: 1 revision or 1 new bot recipe installed per month 

Automate customer service, lead gen, bookings, sales. So you'll never miss a lead opportunity on your site.


How it works

Examples in action

The consequences of not doing this

"74% of businesses say that user experiences is vital to boosting sales" by eConsultancy. You can miss out on bookings and sales.

Lead Maximizer

Conversational Forms

β€’ Program and install the Conversational Form

β€’ Connect CF to Gmail, Gsheets, CRM, ESP

β€’ Choose from 8 recipes (form templates)

β€’ Includes monthly service: 1 revision or 1 new CF recipe installed per month 

Engage your visitors to do business with you one questions at a time. Like a conversation.


How it works

Examples in action

The consequences of not doing this

On average conversational forms have an 57% completion rate. Your leads will not engage with your brand and will drop out.

Interactive eCommerce

A must for eCommerce!

Raise your click rate by using interactive content.


Turn your images and videos into conversion interactions. Make it actionable and measurable in your website or social.

Sales Accelerator

Content Interactions

β€’ We will add hover interactions to your supplied video and images 

β€’ Connect to your Wix store

β€’ Install your interactive content to site

β€’ Includes monthly service: Up to 5 images and/or video

Turn your images and videos into conversion interactions.


How it works

Examples in action

The consequences of not doing this

Adding interactivity to your content speeds conversion by 4x. Don't lose sales opportunities by not adding interactivity to your images and videos. 


You're the expert in your business

We're the experts in messaging and design. We understand you don't have time to be an expert in both.


We know what it feels like to worry you're not doing the right thing with your site.


We feel your frustration and we want to lend a hand.

That's why we were asked to help some of Wix's 4.3 million business users.

Easy Storypages process

Simple 4-steps to develop your site.

Support plan icon.png

Get on a call!

We'll guide you through easy questions that clarify your message and use words that sell.

Choose a modern style

Pick the best style for your business and ensure being on-trend.

Choose interactive apps

Select the interactive elements that will give you the best conversion rate.

Choose support plan

This is so much more than a handoff. Choose from worry-free levels of on-going help.

Risk-Elimination Plan

We remove much of the risk here.

FREE demo

Still unsure? We'll design your home page demo, then decide. No obligation.

FREE tech support

All plans include free site hosting and tech support.

Knowledge base

Quickly find your own answers with friendly self-service hub.

A great website could be worth $100,000 +

Why we said yes to the Wix Marketplace!

At Storypages we know you want to have a thriving business during this pandemic and usher in a successful Post-COVID venture. In order to get there, you need to participate in the current boom of online transactions. Yet there is a problem... + click to expand

The problem is you need an effective website that makes sales. Yet many Wix users will fall into a common trap of adding noise; The noise we make in our messaging and design. There's a common saying in marketing, "if you confuse you lose" – and it's relevant in our websites. Which likely makes you feel like a fish-out-of-water when it comes to building your website. If you haven't already, you'll quickly realize that navigating through the Wix site builder is just the tip of the iceberg. And that gives you doubt and frustration with the whole DIY. As a creative director, it took me over 12 years to reach a level of clarity and simplicity in design. That's why we believe you deserve to share your value to the world with expert clarity and design. We also understand how working in areas outside your expertise can suck, which is why we accepted Wix's offer to help some of its 4.3 million users. We do it through our proven Storypages framework: 1. Clarify your message 2. Implement the latest design around the message 3. Add interactivity to engage buyers So, book now, and launch a website that makes sales on autopilot. So that you can be free to spend more time with your family outside of the house. Maybe travel some as doors re-open. I'm looking forward to our chat!


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