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Online business functionality

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Online Store

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Professional Shopping Experience

Offer a clean Amazon-like shopping experience including storefront, cart, and express checkout.

Your branded URL

Build your brand with your custom domain name. Already have one? Get it connected.

Automate Sales Tax

Automate you sales tax calculation offering your customers a transparent checkout process.

Custom Shipping Rates

Different options to set your shipping rate; By category, weight, price range, region or flat rates. 

Offer Digital Goods

Offer eBooks, PDFs, services, classes. Your customers can receive their downloadable items via email.

Mobile Optimized Storefront

Invite your customers to your showroom and sell while they're on the move.

Credit/Debit Card Payments

Accept payments through Wix Payments or connect your Stripe account. 

Free Shipping

Boost sales by offering free Amazon Prime-like shipping. Can you? Yes! Hint: Add the shipping price to the item price.

Delivery & Curbside Pickup

Offer delivery at your customers door or have your customers pick up at your business.


Grow recurring revenue with product subscription boxes.


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Source products

Tap in and source from millions of high-quality products to sell online.

Reduce risk

Test product-market fit without inventory risk or commitment.

Sell your own designs

Feature products with your own designs. You can now sell your art with no order minimums!

No inventory headaches

Launch your business with an instant product inventory. Start selling online without the hassle of shipping and fulfillment.

Add products to service business

Feature products connected to your service, like mats for Yoga. 

Control your profit margins

Set default price markups based on your suppliers’ prices. See how much you’ll earn on each product before you add it to your store.



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Customize Appointments

Offer 1-on-1 appointments, group sessions, classes, workshops, intro calls and more

Mobile Experience

Make it easy for clients to book and pay on-the-go with the Wix mobile app.

Manage Your Calendar

Add custom working hours, sync staff Google calendars, include your own booking policy and manage all your schedules.

Manage Clients

View member profiles, bookings history, payment status, notes, etc.

Manage on Mobile

Manage your calendar, bookings, clients and sales with the Wix Mobile App

Manage Appointments

Manage your schedule, calendar, staff and clients from any device.

Accept Credit Card Payments

Accept secure online payments for your services, memberships and packages.

Offer Memberships and Packages

Boost client loyalty with free trials, membership plans, punch cards and coupons.

Track Your Performance

Get detailed analytics on your finances, staff performance and client attendance.


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Offer Membership Model

Drip-feed membership, all-in membership, fixed term membership.

Online Forum

Give your members space to discuss different topics and form a sense of community.

Take Recurring Payments

Automatically charge your members each week, month, or year until your plan ends.

Offer Online Course

Offer online courses that give your members access to in-depth information about a specific topic.

Service Membership

Offer members a space where you can upload things like virtual notebooks, reading materials, checklists and more.

Member Pages

Add your content, such as modules, videos, images, PDFs in member protected pages.


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Host Your Event

Showcase all your events online with a calendar view.

Accept Payments

Get paid with all major credit cards and choose a payment provider, like Wix Payments, PayPal, Stripe.

Send Invites

Send attendees branded/customized email invitations.

Check in Guests

Scan tickets or manually check in guests at the door—from any mobile device.

Track Your Sales

Export ticket orders and guest lists for key insights about your event.

Sell Tickets

Add tickets to your event, set your pricing and start selling* Online ticket sales have a 2.5% service fee & payment processing fee

Accept Credit Card Payments

Accept secure online payments for your services, memberships and packages.

Manage Your Event

Track your orders, see who's coming and manage guest lists.

Promote Your Event

Offer coupons, share your event on social and use advanced marketing tools.


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Product Subscriptions

You can offer a product only as a subscription, or give your buyers a choice: one time purchase or subscription.

Subscription Frequency

Weekly, Monthly or Annual.

Pricing Tiers

Add a pricing table of pricing tiers. Example: Silver, Gold, Platinum.