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Professional Case Study

Lynn Milyo Pilates quickly updated their site with modern design, conversion fixes and the right messaging.

A fitness training business pivots successfully during COVID-19

Most Wix users are looking to pivot online to capture new business revenue. 

Meet Lynn


Lynn has taken her Pilates fitness business in Missouri virtual within 24 hours with the timely help of Storypages.


Time and frustration

Lynn had a virtual class scheduled the following week, yet needed to drive traffic to a page that was not set up properly.

Because of Covid, I decided to pivot my Pilates fitness training business to an online format and I needed to re-do my website quickly.  Could I do this myself?  Sure - but it would take me 10 times as long and I'd likely endure a lot of frustration doing the work."       - Lynn M.

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Enter Storypages

Lynn was overwhelmed having to choose from six different Wix Agency Partners. In the end 3 factors made a difference.

I chose Alberto Silva @ Storypages (from 5 others) because he contacted me and quoted a fair price quickly, had a beautiful website himself, and he said the work would be completed within 24 hours.  Alberto delivered AS PROMISED and really listened to what I needed and wanted."

– Lynn M.

Revisions and copy

We needed to clean up the menu along with the above the fold header. We made the Call To Action obvious and quickly clarified how virtual pilates helps the visitor.

We reviewed the website together on-line and he made some revisions even as we were talking.  Added bonus - Alberto is better than me at writing effective content and came up with some really nice catchy text for my site."       - Lynn M.


The happy ending

Lynn, like many Wix users, is very resourceful in getting things done. Yet, while she's an expert in Pilates, design and marketing is not her strong suit. The Wix Marketplace lends a hand with Storypages.


In the end her website was transformed and she saved time and struggle.

Alberto's work is professional and beautiful where my own work would have looked ok (maybe) but clearly novice.   
I won't hesitate to work with Alberto Silva again and this WIX experience was really a pleasant a "wow - that really did work great" kind of thought.

                                                         – Lynn M.

Give WIX "find me a professional" Alberto Silva @ Storypages a try!"  

 – Lynn M.



Why choose Storypages

vs. Do It Yourself


  • Can take 10x longer

  • Learning how to navigate the builder

  • Frustrations with design

  • Confusing messaging

Storypages System

  • Specialization in offline to online pivot

  • Expert clarity and design

  • Wix website designed for conversion

  • Quick turnarounds

Support your online business pivot with professional help you can trust.

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